Visual Artist // Los Angeles, California

Inspiring the future generation of creatives to realize their potential and style is what drives me. The way we create as artists and develop as individuals is what can ultimately lead to one being happy in the journey of exploring their creativity. 

I believe the majority of development lies in art of doing, learning from experience. So I surround myself with amazing forward thinking artists who are passionate in taking their craft to the next level. I've partnered with NANA LIFESTYLE, a Los Angeles creative collective, to help realize the goal of being happy while doing what we love.

With NANA LIFESTYLE, I use my experience to help drive creative direction in design, merchandise and photography to power next level art and music projects.

As a visual artist, I use photography to express myself and ideas the most. I make portraits of people I'm fortunate to meet and consider the camera as one of the most important tools of our generation.

Thanks for taking time to explore.

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